Sunday, July 14, 2013

Las Vegas Pay-Per-Click Advertising

When it comes to success on the web, if any three letters matter as much as SEO, it’s PPC.

Las Vegas pay-per-click advertising — or “PPC” — is more popular than ever, as businesses are increasingly seeing just how fast they can get results with PPC as compared to conventional SEO alone.

The only catch is that PPC can be really expensive… if it’s not managed properly. But in the hands of those who know what they’re doing, Pay-Per-Click ads are a surefire, cost-effective way to guarantee a spot at the top of the Google results

What is Las Vegas Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

Business owners love pay-per-click advertising because it guarantees that they only pay for ads that people actually click on.

With a PPC campaign, your ad might show up on hundreds of thousands of people’s computer screens, but you’ll never pay for most of that exposure. It’s only the truly interested customers who’ll cost you anything at all — the ones who are worth paying a few pennies for.

Just how many pennies? Well, that depends on your level of expertise.

How Much Does Las Vegas Pay-Per-Click Advertising Cost?

By far the most popular PPC service is Google AdWords, a platform that has grown both increasingly popular and also much more complex in recent years.

Google AdWords determines the price per click for each ad by using a complicated formula that factors in the quality of your ad, the quality of your website, how relevant your ad is to whatever a user searches for, how much you “bid” (more on that below), and a string of other variables.

That formula plays out in what Google calls an “auction,” where your ad competes with all of your competitors’ ads for the best spot in the Google rankings. You’re able to set a “maximum bid,” which tells Google how much you want to pay for your ad. You can also let Google know which keywords you want to target.

The higher your bid, the better your chances are of getting a great spot on Google. But top spots can also go wildly over budget before you realize it. And, unfortunately, the keywords you really want to target are usually the most expensive ones.

Why a Las Vegas PPC Management Firm Can Make All the Difference

Platinum Web Marketing is an online marketing firm that specializes in Las Vegas Pay-Per-Click advertising. We’re headquartered in Las Vegas, with five other offices around the United States, and we have more than thirteen years of experience in managing successful Las Vegas pay-per-click advertising campaigns.

Our specialists have studied Google AdWords inside and out, gaining invaluable insight into its algorithm, its pricing structure, and its keyword logic. We know how to design ads that give Google just what it's looking for, hitting that sweet spot between low pricing and big results.

We firmly believe that PPC Advertising is the #1 fastest way to get your business up and running on the major search engines, whether you’re targeting local customers or people all over the world.

The experts at Platinum Web Marketing will create and constantly manage your PPC campaigns to ensure that you’re paying the absolute lowest cost-per-click for the very best search results.


Hire a Las Vegas Pay-Per-Click Advertising Specialist

If you're tired of wasting too money on ineffective PPC ads, get in touch with Platinum Web Marketing. Our Las Vegas Pay-Per-Click Advertising experts know how to create and manage campaigns that deliver incredible ROI. Call (866) 303-8047 or email us today for a free estimate!

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