Thursday, November 20, 2014

Tips to Remember when Designing Your Portfolio Website

Having a great business website can be the difference between online success and complete failure. It is really important that you take as much time as needed to be sure that your site is appropriate. Setting up a domain and a hosting package are the easy steps that anyone can take. Coming up with a suitable design concept and implementing proper coding are entire different things.

Make sure that the following elements are included in your business site since they are really important.

Logical Sitemap

Absolutely all specialized website design companies highlight the fact that a site that is aesthetically pleasing is worthless in the event it is not useful. Before the design work starts, it is important to draw a sitemap that would be respected and that would offer a suitable visitor experience. This also helps Google bots to crawl all pages that are present on a site.

Your navigation menu has to be well designed and present those pages that most people want to go to. A faulty menu would mean that people will have problems in accessing your content, which is not something you want to see happen.

Information About The Business

People visit a company’s website in order to learn new things about the company. It is very important for a restaurant to have a menu page and for a photographer to have a portfolio. At the same time, absolutely all business sites should have some sort of contact page that would highlight ways in which the company can be contacted.

Think about what you should add to your site based on the type of business that is presented. Also, never forget about contact information as that is seen as a clear sign of a lack of professionalism by potential customers.

Social Media Integration

Contrary to popular belief, small businesses and large businesses needsocial media integration on their official site. This is particularly important for smaller companies as it helps them to compete with the big players in the market. Make sure that you include the social media sites that your company has a presence on like LinkedIn, Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter.

A Mobile Version

Nowadays everyone knows that a site needs to have a responsive design but that does not necessarily mean that the site is mobile friendly. Tablets and smartphones are constantly growing in usage and in the future we will see even more users. It is very important that when someone tries to look for your business, the version he/she sees is appropriate. Only launch the site after the mobile version is tested.

A F.A.Q Section

There are always some questions that come up often. The customers should be offered answers to the most common ones so that time is gained. Based on the activity of the company, the questions may be connected to anything from return policy to guarantees.

A good business website in Las Vegas should never use music, auto play features, flash or extraneous media and information. It needs to be fast and to the point. The design has to be appropriate and captivating.

Platinum Web Marketing will talk you through the process of website design, development and build in Las Vegas and answer all of your questions. Just call (702)263-6787 to talk to an expert in websites for your Las Vegas business.

Monday, November 10, 2014

What is a compelling website design made out of?

In the last 20 years the business world changed from a company standing out simply because it had a website to a modern world where you need to have a really good website in order to stand out.

Web Design Tips

Although it is so much easier to build a site these days and the process is cost effective, the necessity to have a good design has to be seen as a complete reality. There are millions of websites out there and you have to invest in order to come up with something that is beneficial and aesthetically pleasing. Be sure that you consider the following factors when you decide what your design will be. They are far more important than what you may think.

Color Use

Colors have to be chosen carefully and a highly experienced web design company in Las Vegas will always choose something that is perfect for the overall visual design wanted. The first thing that the viewer will see the color schematic used. One thing that you may not know is that colors can actually create subliminal messages. The visitor will be put in an appropriate mood, which can help you to reach your eventual goal.

Images And Graphics

A good website in Las Vegas needs to have compelling images and graphics. This is not properly understood. In a similar way with the use of colors, using the wrong images will send in the really wrong message. Images and graphics should never be too fancy but the overall design needs to be professional, sell the brand of the company in a way that is appropriate and then fit perfectly with the website design’s feel and look. This is one of the most important web design tips out there.


This is highly underrated. In an attempt to create something special with every single page created, the designer may end up creating pages that are not consistent when compared to each other. For instance, some create multilingual pages in order to boost online sales but there are way too many differences between them. You need to have consistency from one page to the next so that the website does not look disjointed. The exact same color scheme has to be retained.

Using White Spaces

The images and text that are used have to be allowed to breathe. When you add too much information in a space that is small or you use too many images, you can easily end up with a lack of white space. This makes people confused. You have to be sure that you do not confuse people since they end up closing your page before you manage to send any message across.

Optimizing Navigation

Navigation is vital since potential customers can get to the item that they want as soon as possible. Driving traffic to a site is not ease. Once visitors appear and they do not find what they need really fast, they will go away. It is vital for any website to have a very good navigation menu. If necessary, drop down menus have to be used. Make sure that your site is optimized for the best customer navigation experience.

Platinum Web Marketing will talk you through the process of website design, development and build in Las Vegas and answer all of your questions. Just call (702)263-6787 to talk to an expert in websites for your Las Vegas business.

How to Organize Website Content Properly for Google

Organizing website content is really important but ending up with something well organized is much more difficult than what many believe at first glance. It is very important that you start by thinking about some facts before you actually open design software. All great web design companies will tell you that you have to consider the following when you start:
  • What the purpose of the website is
  • Changes that may have appeared since the site was first launched
  • What the target demographic is
  • How the site will be used to create contacts and leads
  • What services or products will be sold online
  • The opinion that has to be created in the mind of the visitor of a site
You have to realize how important a viewer is and create a design that automatically stands out.

Organizing Website Content

There are many tutorials that teach you how to improve website design but absolutely everything boils down to website content. You want to add the standard pages like Contact and About but there are also other tips that you have to take into account at all times:
  • The visitor needs to be directed towards seeing the important content first. Nobody wants to read about the company and see how great it is as bragging is something that does not look great.
  • Using too many words is a very bad idea. You have to keep content short and straight to the point. Take a quick look at how a 5 sentence paragraph is shown on a smartphone. It is not much information when you see it on your desktop computer but when using other tools you may be surprised to see how hard it is to read content.
  • Your site’s visitors have to be offered a direction. Headers are used to draw the visitor’s eyes towards what you want them to see. Content outline will obviously guide the structure of a site.

The Importance Of Navigation

You can have the best content in the world and still end up with a site that does not properly convert because of an improper navigation setting. The menu that you are about to create needs to point the visitor in the desired direction. At the same time, you have to be 100% sure that you will be faced with highlighting those parts of the content that are in the same category.

When you design a website, you have to lay down the structure first. This is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. Think about all the categories you have to consider and always choose something that would point people towards the proper content.

On the whole, content management counts a lot. Make sure that you organize everything properly. In the event that you do not know anything about this, try to talk to a professional. It is not that difficult to find one that can highlight what has to be done. Choose something that is appropriate based on target demographics and your goals. Patience helps you to offer great experiences for visitors!

Platinum Web Marketing will talk you through the process of website design, development and build in Las Vegas and answer all of your questions. Just call (702)263-6787 to talk to an expert in websites for your Las Vegas business.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Avoid 10 Common Mistakes Before Launching a New WordPress Website/Blog

WordPress stands out as the most popular of all open source CMS platforms available at the moment. The platform is used for millions of sites because of the fact that there are thousands of great plugins and themes that are available. The problem is that because of the diversity present we see many that make design mistakes.

When you create a site with the use of WordPress, make sure that you avoid the following mistakes. According to Platinum Web Marketing, which offers web design services in Las Vegas, “besides the obvious potential security issues, site owners do not know how to take advantage of all the features that the platform offers”. Make sure you learn as much as possible about it and you avoid the following:

1. Plugins And Themes Offered By Untrusted Sources

Design Bolts features many lists of trusted and high quality plugins and themes like the top 12 free responsive WordPress Themes for 2014.

You should only trust those themes and plugins that are recommended or that are offered by sites that are trusted in the industry. This is because some themes downloaded from untrusted sources can include malicious coding. Always read reviews and if there is a doubt in your mind, do not install the theme.

2. Not Modifying Admin Account Name

Hackers first try to see if “admin” is the name of the admin account. This allows them to find an easier access way to your WordPress installation. The main site account needs to have a different name.

3. Not Changing Permalinks Structure

WordPress is great because it helps out in having a perfect SEO structure but with bad URLs, this is not possible. Go to Settings->Permalinks in your admin account and choose an option that also includes the post’s day and name. This is much better for SEO and will make the URL look better.

4. Not Modifying The Tagline

The standard WordPress tagline is “Just Another WordPress Site”. Nothing looks worse than launching a website/blog that has a name and that tagline. It looks completely unprofessional. This is a rookie mistake that is a lot more common than many believe.

5. Lack Of An About Page

When a visitor comes to your website, it is a guarantee that he/she wants to know more about the people behind the content offered. The About page is a necessity so you should never launch any blog or site without it. Also, make sure that you include contact details as people will surely want to get in touch with you.

6. Not Using The Latest WordPress Version

You should always use the latest WordPress version for your website. It is not enough to install the platform. You have to keep it up-to-date since this diminishes the possibility you would end up with hacking access. Vulnerabilities are solved with updates.

7. Not Setting Up A Backup Option

You have access to many different plugins that help you to backup WordPress files. If you do not install one when you first launch a site, there is a huge possibility you will forget about it. That is not something that you want to do since you never know when you need the backup files because of technical problems.

8. Using Unnecessary Plugins

Before you launch your website you have to be sure that it operates properly. Many make the mistake of using too many plugins, which is a really bad idea. Make sure that you only use those plugins that come from reputable sources and that have perfect reviews.

9. Choosing An Improper Host

Most people believe that all hosting packages are created equal. That is definitely not the case. Some packages are not at all suitable for WordPress use. Make sure that what you choose is completely compatible or you will end up with loading problems in the future.

10. Not Using Sitemaps

Most WordPress files out there do not actually have a sitemap. This is a huge mistake. You need to be sure that your site has a sitemap that is accessed by search engine robots. When you have this, your site is completely indexed by search engines.

Platinum Web Marketing will talk you through the process of website design, development and build in Las Vegas and answer all of your questions. Just call (702)263-6787 to talk to an expert in websites for your Las Vegas business.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Benefits of Hiring an SEO Company for Your Business In Las Vegas NV

Regardless of industry, any organization—however big or small—is in need of a web presence. A business without a website is one that has no additional resource for returning customers and is also a company without a marketing tool to bring in new clients. Especially in a location like Las Vegas, a website allows potential customers—from travelers to permanent residents—to find the products and services that your business has to offer in the local community.

Just as necessary as having an online destination is being accessible by making your company’s webpages findable to those searching for you. This is why having an SEO strategy that raises your website’s search engine rank is so important. And while this marketing strategy is essential, hiring an SEO strategy-based company like Platinum Web Marketing is just as necessary because it provides so many more benefits to you and your business than just getting the Internet marketing job done for you.

Here’s why:   You save time.

One of the first things you will save when hiring an SEO company is the time that you would have spent in performing the Internet marketing strategies yourself. The purpose of SEO-focused organizations like Platinum Web Marketing is to boost the search engine rankings of a client like you, so they dedicate their time to this work. These SEO company specializations can even include localization, such as how Platinum’s strategy includes Las Vegas-focused SEO.

And this is even more perfect for you when you realize that the less time that you and your business spends on marketing, the more time you’ll spend on other facets of your company that need your attention and care.

You prevent mistakes and concerns. 

Leaving the search engine optimization task up to the experts is an incredible way to maintain a professional attitude toward all of your business operations. You won’t need to worry about the faults and misunderstandings that come with being a beginner. Just as well, you won’t be penalized for SEO mistakes as easily, which would cost you recovery time and money that could have been spent on other parts of your business.

Plus, numerous factors contribute to the results of search engine algorithms, so you won’t personally have the anxiety that comes as an amateur unsure if they have made all the proper considerations. With so many SEO companies and their specialties to choose from, the right strategy for your organization can be carried out without your worry. Leave that concern to the SEO experts and focus on what you and your company do best.

A major advantage in hiring a local SEO company is that such a firm will recognize the trends and know the tactics of handling search engine optimization from a local point of view. Consider that in Las Vegas, for example, an SEO-specialized agency like Platinum Web Marketing is aware of how to differentiate the traffic between tourists visiting the city and local Las Vegas residents. Platinum Web Marketing will understand that tourists passing through town temporarily will be more focused on searching for Las Vegas hotels, entertainment, and landmarks and thus strategize the SEO differently from Las Vegas-based websites that cater to local residents who may be in search of websites from organizations in their community, such as those based on housing and health.

You save money. 

Even though an SEO company may seem like another cost on your business plan, it is essentially an investment. As mentioned earlier, the time and mistakes saved by hiring your SEO builds up a set of unused funds that can be utilized when the need comes. But, what’s more important is the return on this investment, which will end up raising your organization’s website in the search engine ranks, making more customers aware of your business and thus more likely to spend their cash on it.

Even better, SEO is a more cost effective marketing strategy than alternatives like paid traffic or bidding for AdWords. Platinum Web Marketing, for example, especially focuses its SEO strategy on content marketing. This is a more natural and lasting tactic that allows your company’s products and services to speak for themselves through website content pages and articles, boosting your website’s relevancy to search engines. More specifically, Platinum practices this through its specialization in Las Vegas-based companies, allowing these clients’ content to speak to both local residents as well as vacationers, so that these organizations don’t have to pay as much for search engine advertising. 

Above all, you promote your business by hiring an SEO company. 

It is the job of these firms to optimize your organization’s online presence through making sure that your website’s content is relevant, consistent, and especially helpful to those searching for a business like yours. And Platinum Web Marketing in Las Vegas definitely strives to put the attention and care into your website’s SEO. Rely on these professionals so that you can more effectively manage all aspects of your business, focusing on what you do best and increasing the value of your company.

Platinum Web Marketing will talk you through the process of (SEO) Search Engine Optimization in Las Vegas and answer all of your questions. Just call (702)263-6787 today to talk to an expert in SEO for your Las Vegas business.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Web Development in Las Vegas: Enduring Trends

Here at Platinum Web Marketing and Design, we’re always looking to stay in touch with the latest trends in Las Vegas web design.

Of course, “trendy” isn’t necessarily an ideal end goal. After all, what’s trendy today might be passé tomorrow, and you don’t want to invest in website design that’ll feel outmoded by this time next year.

There are, however, key trends that pass the “wisdom test,” and we’re applying them to our web development in Las Vegas. In fact, they’re really just new twists on the same themes that have guided our approach to excellence for more than fifteen years.

Still-Dominant Trends for Web Development in Las Vegas

Wondering whether your website’s headed in the right direction? Here are a few trends we’ve got our eyes on for web development in Las Vegas:

  • Flat Design — “Keep Calm and Flat Design” seems to be the calling card for web design in 2014. After a few years of fancier, flashier, effects-laden development, the pendulum has swung back in favor of cleaner, simpler “flat-design” sites. There’s nothing simplistic about a flat design, mind you. It can be as powerful and sophisticated as any other site. But it’s much more inviting, and your audience will appreciate that.

  • Visual Vegas — 2014 has taught us that visuals still matter for those of us in the field of Las Vegas web design. After all, this is Las Vegas, land of a million blinking lights. People expect a little pizzazz here, and while we always want to keep it classy, there’s nothing wrong with a strong visual flourish. Every web developer should also be a graphic designer in Las Vegas.

  • Content Still King — People are always trying to make headlines by proclaiming the “death of content,” but the truth is that content is still king on the web. From SEO and PPC to webpage copy and blogging, words (key and otherwise) still make the web go ‘round. And we can leverage them to put our clients at the top of the search engine results. But we are seeing evolution here: visual content is becoming increasingly important too. It isn’t replacing text, but simply complementing it. At Platinum, we’re bolstering our internal resources in order to provide the very best as a website graphic designer in Las Vegas.

Learn More About Web Development in Las Vegas 

If you need web development in Las Vegas — or if you’re looking to enhance your website with a graphic designer in Las Vegas — the expert design team at Platinum Web Marketing can help.

Our own search engine results speak for themselves. We know how to design attractive powerhouse websites that keep our clients at the top of their games. Call our office today.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Web Marketing Guru Anthony Carlitto to Speak at Hard Rock

Vegas has its fair share of secrets — now get ready to uncover the best-kept ones in the world of web marketing!

Anthony Carlitto, President and CEO at Platinum Web Marketing, will reveal his tricks of the trade at the World Ticket Conference at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on Friday, July 18, 2014.

In an hour-long presentation entitled “Marketing for Success,” Carlitto and a panel of online marketing gurus will share their expert insight and advice on topics to include:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social media marketing within current trends
  • Branding by way of storytelling
  • Strategic web design
  • Creating a plan for web marketing in Las Vegas & beyond
  • And much more

Attendees Will Learn How to Integrate Their Web Marketing Efforts

Carlitto’s experience in web marketing and design dates back to the Internet’s early days. His Las Vegas-based Platinum Web Marketing firm has operated since 1997 and is widely regarded as a leader in the Nevada marketing game. Platinum Web Marketing is the #1 provider of web marketing in Las Vegas.

Event organizers hope Carlitto’s distinction in the web marketing industry will help attract a nationally diverse audience for the event, which is expected to reach capacity by the event date. In addition to its web marketing in Las Vegas, Platinum maintains offices in Manhattan, Los Angeles, Nashville, Orlando, and Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Noted for his expertise in pay-per-click marketing and LasVegas web design, Carlitto is expected to deliver a message on marketing integration. Specifically, the interactive presentation will teach attendees how to work within existing marketing plan boundaries in order to optimize digital engagement; increase traffic; enhance branding; and synergize their efforts toward PPC, SEO, social media, and more.

Diverse Lineup Promises Professional Insight for World Ticket Conference

Carlitto is one of several prominent experts participating in the “Marketing for Success” event. Other panelists include:

  • Jenny Jones, Online & Interactive Marketing Manager for Hard Rock Hotel
  • Dr. Ken Wright, Professor of Sport Management at University of Alabama
  • Mark Drosos, Founder & CEO at Lodestone Social Media

Corey M. Gibbs, Executive Managing Director at Ticket Solutions, Inc., will moderate. Gibbs, who offers 19 years of comprehensive experience in sports entertainment and corporate hospitality, also sits on the NATB Advisory Board of Directors and served as an entertainment liaison for the 2014 Super Bowl.

Registration Now Open for World Ticket Conference. Act Fast.

World Ticket Conference is an annual trade show sponsored by the National Association of Ticket Brokers (NATB), dedicated to imparting fresh perspective on business growth for professionals working in the ticketing, brokerage, entertainment, sports, and tourism fields.

The conference takes place at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV on July 17 – 19, 2014. The “Marketing for Success” panel is included in conference admission and is set for Friday, July 18th, at 10:00 a.m. For more information, including registration and pricing, visit the WorldTicket Conference website. 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Different Kinds of Websites in Las Vegas

Your website can be whatever you want it to be. But what’s that?

No two businesses are the same. Different companies need different structures, functionalities, and designs. How do you know which format works for you?

At Platinum Web Marketing, we counsel clients to consider their goals first. Then we customize solutions designed to meet those goals. Below, we’ll walk through the different kinds of websites a Las Vegas company can choose from.

Flat Design: Why Simple is the New Complex

Flat is back! The Internet’s earliest webpages were pretty simple but also pretty ugly. As technology evolved, companies got fancier and fancier online. But now there’s a major trend back toward straightforward website design in Las Vegas.

There’s nothing ugly about today’s “flat design” sites, though! Instead, they’re crisp, clean, easy to understand, and aesthetically pleasing. Most flat design sites utilize basic web-building tools: HTML, CSS, and great graphic design. They also tend to have no more than 10 pages per site. It’s a popular option for small businesses.

E-Commerce: The Power of Revenue

E-Commerce is the mechanism by which your customers buy products or services through your website. It’s the virtual shopping cart for your online store. If you’ve ever bought a book on Amazon or ordered late-night pizza online, you’ve used e-commerce.

Like most things on the web, e-commerce can be simple or complex. Whatever your needs, we handle all the hard work for you at Platinum Web Marketing. The good news for small businesses is that we can custom-build a flat design website enhanced with e-commerce integration. That way, you get the best of both worlds.

Content Management Systems: The Power of SEO

Content Management Systems (CMS) like Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal put the power of content in your hands. And content is what makes the web go ‘round! From blogging and image galleries to newsreels and event blurbs, a CMS makes it easy for you to beef up your presence online.

Of all the different kinds of websites in Las Vegas, CMS systems probably offer the best return for SEO. The good news is that Platinum Web Marketing can integrate CMS within any new or existing website (including flat design!).

WordPress: How to Have It All (Affordably)

We mentioned WordPress before, but it also deserves special consideration on its own. That’s because, for many companies, WordPress can work as a one-stop-shop for web design. At Platinum Web Marketing, we can actually create your entire website — including e-commerce and CMS solutions — within WordPress itself.

It’s a very affordable approach to Las Vegas web design that also makes maintenance utterly hassle-free. You’ll see SEO benefits too!

Ask Us About Different Kinds of Websites in Las Vegas


Building a successful website isn’t easy. If it were, everyone would have one. Fortunately, we’re experts at it. Let us handle all of your Internet needs, from marketing to development.

At Platinum Web Marketing, we’ll talk you through the different kinds of websites in Las Vegas and answer all your questions. Just call (702) 263-6787 to talk with an expert in web design for Las Vegas today.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Platinum Web Marketing Pauses Mobile Pay-Per-Click Advertising for Its Clients, Worried About Fraudulent Clicks

Platinum Web Marketing ran an experiment and determined that customers who use pay-per-click (PPC) services, including Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and Bing Ads, are at risk of being overcharged for fraudulent clicks on mobile devices. Now, Platinum Web Marketing is working with their clients so they are not on the hook for click fraud.

Just when PPC advertisers thought click fraud wasn’t a problem anymore, a Platinum Web Marketing investigation suggests it may be hard to stop it on mobile devices.

How Mobile Click Fraud Happens: Pay-Per-Click Advertising Loophole Explained

A newly discovered potential loophole in the anti-fraud measures used by companies like Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Yahoo Search Marketing makes it possible for mobile users to click on PPC ads over and over again. Repetitive clicks, whether accidental or malicious, could potentially cost advertisers billions of dollars in fraudulent charges each year. Now, web marketers are scrambling to adjust.

“We monitor the analytics on our clients’ PPC campaigns like a hawk,” Carlitto said. “So when we detected a disproportionately large number of PPC charges coming from mobile devices earlier this year, we began an investigation.”

Las Vegas Web Marketing Agency Conducts Real-World Test for PPC Mobile Click Fraud

Platinum Web Marketing took to the streets to conduct real-time tests at some of the country’s highest-traffic intersections. In both Las Vegas and Manhattan, agency representatives were able to repeatedly access the same PPC ad — and ring up charges — just by walking as little as one block down the street, their devices automatically nabbing a new IP each time.

Platinum Web Marketing has determined while most pay-per-click advertising services have measures in place to prevent so-called click fraud, those efforts now appear to be largely ineffective against users on mobile devices. That’s because they rely on blocking IP-addresses to guard against multiple clicks from the same user. But people on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets frequently change locations as they travel. With each location, they receive new IP assignments from the nearest cell tower.

Because there is no way for PPC services to detect that a specific device has switched to a new IP, advertisers are vulnerable to recurring clicks from the same source.

“The monetary cost of those duplicate clicks can add up quickly,” says Anthony Carlitto, who heads up Platinum Web Marketing, a leading Las Vegas Internet marketing agency with offices throughout the United States. “This latest discovery has already fundamentally altered our approach to pay-per-click advertising. And I think it’s going to be a real wake up call to PPC advertisers everywhere.”
Platinum Web Marketing and it's clients pay nearly $400,000 a year in ad clicks to Google, Yahoo, and Bing — even with strategic measures in place to ensure the lowest possible cost per click. Carlitto says there’s simply too much money at risk. He can't ask clients to spend their internet marketing money on waste.

Platinum Web Marketing to Immediately Halt All Mobile PPC Campaigns

The company immediately halted all of its mobile PPC ad management campaigns. The agency will continue to create desktop/laptop-based ads using Google AdWords, Yahoo, and Bing. But mobile is a different story. “Until an effective solution emerges to guard against mobile click fraud,” Carlitto said, “we’re not going to let our clients waste one more penny on fraudulent clicks.”

PPC advertising was already quite-precarious. “PPC is only a good strategy to begin with if your budget and ad constraints are closely monitored and tightly controlled,” Carlitto explained. “It’s now clear that mobile fraud is not only imminently possible but also unpredictable. Mobile PPC is simply not a wise investment at this point. That calculus may change in the future, but our responsibility is always to make the most of our clients’ every ad dollar.”
Additionally, Platinum Web Marketing continues to provide a wide range of non-PPC Las Vegas Internet marketing services. Those include professional web design, search engine optimization, and inbound content marketing. Platinum will also continue its PPC management in Las Vegas and throughout the United States, now ensuring that clients’ money will not be wasted on redundant ad hits.

“The mobile audience is growing,” Carlitto says, “but there are more strategic and cost-effective ways to reach those users. We can put our expert web marketing techniques to work and target mobile users without resorting to unsecured mobile PPC.”

About Platinum Web Marketing
Founded in 1997, Platinum Web Marketing is one of the largest and fastest-growing Las Vegas Internet marketing agencies. With clients that include small businesses and larger enterprises around the globe, Platinum Web Marketing provides expert web design, search engine optimization (SEO), inbound content marketing, and PPC ad management services strategically designed to yield high ROI. In addition to its Las Vegas, NV headquarters, Platinum Web Marketing also offers locations serving Los Angeles, Manhattan in New York City, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Nashville and Orlando & Nationwide. For more information call us (866) 303-8047 or email or view our website at Platinum Web Marketing .


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Internet Marketing Tips and Advice For Local Businesses

This information is not to promote our Internet Marketing and Website Design company, (we have enough exposure on the internet) it is solely to educate the small and mid-sized businesses around the country that have made mistakes on choosing the right internet advertising company, and share a few experiences that I have encountered over the years in this industry, as well as things to watch out for.


Marketing or advertising on the internet is crucial especially in today's economy. If you are use to print advertising, or uneducated, internet marketing is just about the most powerful tool to get your business noticed locally, nationally, or just name branding. Studies show various large percentages of upward increases pertaining to internet advertising over the years, however I will not put a precise figure on any of these reports. If you decided to have a website created for your business, then the purpose of it was for people looking for your products and services to find your company. Without internet marketing your website would be like putting up a billboard in Siberia when you are trying to get your phone to ring locally, point being NOBODY will find your website. Included will be the most effective ways to market your company on the internet, and things a business owner should know before deciding on an internet marketing service. The one common denominator here is that correctly marketing on the web or internet does WORK.

1. Think about the audience you are trying to target, local, national or global for your internet marketing strategies.

2. Make sure to use the correct terms to describe your products or services. Fact is, you may think what you have is called one thing however, you cannot account for the many ways people type in to search for the same product or services A typical example and for "educating purposes only" of this would be: Platinum Web Marketing, we are a nationwide internet marketing and website design company for local businesses, however a business may type in Search Engine Marketing, Web Marketing Company, Online Marketing Services, Internet Advertising, etc. to find our company or services depending on the geographical area they are in when searching.

3. What form of internet marketing is best for your business, and budget? Be sure you fully understand all the advantages and disadvantages of each internet marketing product. The best way is to get advice from an unbiased Internet Marketing Consultant, and not a sales person looking to make a commission check. Some of the most popular and effective ways to market on the internet are Pay-Per-Click Campaigns or (PPC), Search Engine Optimization, or (SEO) and Online Directories to name a few.. All are very effective, but ONLY when performed correctly.

About Internet Marketing Companies -

There are many to choose from. From a small or medium size business looking for the right company to advertise you on the internet, make sure you do the research on them before hiring. A few examples below will not only help you to avoid making a mistake, but will also save you a lot of money, and aggravation in the future. I am 100% certain that after reading this you realized that at one point your company fell into the category of not doing proper research and it has either cost your company a lot of money or has a left a bad taste in your mind about internet advertising. Remember one thing about internet marketing, just because your business may get called 20 times a month to solicit your internet marketing or website design, or you have been ripped-off, there are some companies that actually will help your company, get your phone to ring, and increase your sales.

Important Items to know or ask when you get your next call for internet marketing services -

1. Is the company that is calling you anywhere on the internet? Can they be found on Google, Yahoo, Bing or any of the major search engines under any of the terms I mentioned above? How do you expect them to market your company on the internet when they can't be found?

2. If you are currently paying for online advertising, can you be found near the top of the major search engines?

3. Research the company before committing. There are many online websites that are out there for the public to research complaints against internet marketing companies that have not lived up to expectations or promises they made before getting your business. However, do not solely rely on these reports.

4. Avoid letting companies trap you into a contract or term. If their internet marketing services are as great as they claim, why do they need to lock you into a contract?

5. Avoid relying on a company that has a lot of inflated reviews, ask to see where some of their clients are actually placed, and call them personally.

Recent experiences that I personally encountered -

I also own a national telecom company, just the other day I received a call from one of the largest online directories in the country trying to sell me internet advertising, not knowing I own Platinum Web Marketing, I let her go through her pitch on how she can get me on the first page of the major search engines. I then politely asked her to log on to internet and show me where they are listed in my industries, I then went onto to tell her the companies that she keeps pulling up near the top were mine. Needless to say, she was so embarrassed that she hung up on me.

One of our clients was called on 02/03/14 by a man claiming he was an internet marketing consultant, I will call him "Rick" from a company that I will call "Bad Marketing Company in Corona" only for the fact that I do not encourage bad-mouthing competition. Needless to say he went on telling our client that he can't be found anywhere on the internet, in which this client can't be missed on any search engine, or any search term relating to his business, then proceeded to tell our client that we did not know what we were doing when it came to handling his internet marketing. Our client called us to tell us about this sales call he received, I then went to the exact city where this company is located, I looked at every term and service they were trying to promote from their website, and to my surprise, they did not have any exposure or could be found after 2 hours of trying, even in the very small city they were calling from and located.

Once again, I remind you when choosing an Internet Marketing Service - Do Your Research!!!

The Owner,