Thursday, November 20, 2014

Tips to Remember when Designing Your Portfolio Website

Having a great business website can be the difference between online success and complete failure. It is really important that you take as much time as needed to be sure that your site is appropriate. Setting up a domain and a hosting package are the easy steps that anyone can take. Coming up with a suitable design concept and implementing proper coding are entire different things.

Make sure that the following elements are included in your business site since they are really important.

Logical Sitemap

Absolutely all specialized website design companies highlight the fact that a site that is aesthetically pleasing is worthless in the event it is not useful. Before the design work starts, it is important to draw a sitemap that would be respected and that would offer a suitable visitor experience. This also helps Google bots to crawl all pages that are present on a site.

Your navigation menu has to be well designed and present those pages that most people want to go to. A faulty menu would mean that people will have problems in accessing your content, which is not something you want to see happen.

Information About The Business

People visit a company’s website in order to learn new things about the company. It is very important for a restaurant to have a menu page and for a photographer to have a portfolio. At the same time, absolutely all business sites should have some sort of contact page that would highlight ways in which the company can be contacted.

Think about what you should add to your site based on the type of business that is presented. Also, never forget about contact information as that is seen as a clear sign of a lack of professionalism by potential customers.

Social Media Integration

Contrary to popular belief, small businesses and large businesses needsocial media integration on their official site. This is particularly important for smaller companies as it helps them to compete with the big players in the market. Make sure that you include the social media sites that your company has a presence on like LinkedIn, Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter.

A Mobile Version

Nowadays everyone knows that a site needs to have a responsive design but that does not necessarily mean that the site is mobile friendly. Tablets and smartphones are constantly growing in usage and in the future we will see even more users. It is very important that when someone tries to look for your business, the version he/she sees is appropriate. Only launch the site after the mobile version is tested.

A F.A.Q Section

There are always some questions that come up often. The customers should be offered answers to the most common ones so that time is gained. Based on the activity of the company, the questions may be connected to anything from return policy to guarantees.

A good business website in Las Vegas should never use music, auto play features, flash or extraneous media and information. It needs to be fast and to the point. The design has to be appropriate and captivating.

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Monday, November 10, 2014

What is a compelling website design made out of?

In the last 20 years the business world changed from a company standing out simply because it had a website to a modern world where you need to have a really good website in order to stand out.

Web Design Tips

Although it is so much easier to build a site these days and the process is cost effective, the necessity to have a good design has to be seen as a complete reality. There are millions of websites out there and you have to invest in order to come up with something that is beneficial and aesthetically pleasing. Be sure that you consider the following factors when you decide what your design will be. They are far more important than what you may think.

Color Use

Colors have to be chosen carefully and a highly experienced web design company in Las Vegas will always choose something that is perfect for the overall visual design wanted. The first thing that the viewer will see the color schematic used. One thing that you may not know is that colors can actually create subliminal messages. The visitor will be put in an appropriate mood, which can help you to reach your eventual goal.

Images And Graphics

A good website in Las Vegas needs to have compelling images and graphics. This is not properly understood. In a similar way with the use of colors, using the wrong images will send in the really wrong message. Images and graphics should never be too fancy but the overall design needs to be professional, sell the brand of the company in a way that is appropriate and then fit perfectly with the website design’s feel and look. This is one of the most important web design tips out there.


This is highly underrated. In an attempt to create something special with every single page created, the designer may end up creating pages that are not consistent when compared to each other. For instance, some create multilingual pages in order to boost online sales but there are way too many differences between them. You need to have consistency from one page to the next so that the website does not look disjointed. The exact same color scheme has to be retained.

Using White Spaces

The images and text that are used have to be allowed to breathe. When you add too much information in a space that is small or you use too many images, you can easily end up with a lack of white space. This makes people confused. You have to be sure that you do not confuse people since they end up closing your page before you manage to send any message across.

Optimizing Navigation

Navigation is vital since potential customers can get to the item that they want as soon as possible. Driving traffic to a site is not ease. Once visitors appear and they do not find what they need really fast, they will go away. It is vital for any website to have a very good navigation menu. If necessary, drop down menus have to be used. Make sure that your site is optimized for the best customer navigation experience.

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How to Organize Website Content Properly for Google

Organizing website content is really important but ending up with something well organized is much more difficult than what many believe at first glance. It is very important that you start by thinking about some facts before you actually open design software. All great web design companies will tell you that you have to consider the following when you start:
  • What the purpose of the website is
  • Changes that may have appeared since the site was first launched
  • What the target demographic is
  • How the site will be used to create contacts and leads
  • What services or products will be sold online
  • The opinion that has to be created in the mind of the visitor of a site
You have to realize how important a viewer is and create a design that automatically stands out.

Organizing Website Content

There are many tutorials that teach you how to improve website design but absolutely everything boils down to website content. You want to add the standard pages like Contact and About but there are also other tips that you have to take into account at all times:
  • The visitor needs to be directed towards seeing the important content first. Nobody wants to read about the company and see how great it is as bragging is something that does not look great.
  • Using too many words is a very bad idea. You have to keep content short and straight to the point. Take a quick look at how a 5 sentence paragraph is shown on a smartphone. It is not much information when you see it on your desktop computer but when using other tools you may be surprised to see how hard it is to read content.
  • Your site’s visitors have to be offered a direction. Headers are used to draw the visitor’s eyes towards what you want them to see. Content outline will obviously guide the structure of a site.

The Importance Of Navigation

You can have the best content in the world and still end up with a site that does not properly convert because of an improper navigation setting. The menu that you are about to create needs to point the visitor in the desired direction. At the same time, you have to be 100% sure that you will be faced with highlighting those parts of the content that are in the same category.

When you design a website, you have to lay down the structure first. This is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. Think about all the categories you have to consider and always choose something that would point people towards the proper content.

On the whole, content management counts a lot. Make sure that you organize everything properly. In the event that you do not know anything about this, try to talk to a professional. It is not that difficult to find one that can highlight what has to be done. Choose something that is appropriate based on target demographics and your goals. Patience helps you to offer great experiences for visitors!

Platinum Web Marketing will talk you through the process of website design, development and build in Las Vegas and answer all of your questions. Just call (702)263-6787 to talk to an expert in websites for your Las Vegas business.