Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Get Inspired for New Keywords in Las Vegas

Do you feel like you need a change of pace with your internet marketing in Las Vegas? If so, it may be time for some new keywords. Having some new words to play around with will give you access to a whole new group of people, and it may help you expand your business along the way. Here are some tips to help you get inspired for new keywords in Las Vegas.

Think about Current Trends

Is there a big event going on in Vegas that people will be "Googling"? Why not get in on the action? Of course, you need to be able to tie your business in with the big event. Otherwise, you won't draw in a good audience. Try to incorporate trendy keywords into your content before they actually happen, since it will take search engines a little bit of time to crawl your site and pick up on the information. If you plan for the trends in advance, you can collect all of the customers when the time finally comes.

Consider Your FAQ's

What do people ask you about usually? Are there any keywords that you can pull out of those questions? For instance, we get a lot of questions about Las Vegas Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Las Vegas web design, Las Vegas Pay Per Click (PPC), etc. around here because – well – it's what we do. We use those questions to build our webpages, blog posts, and other marketing content. If your customers are asking about a certain product or service that you aren't talking about on your website, it may be time for you to add that to your list.

Review the Competition

Competitor analysis is one of the biggest marketing strategies we use here at Platinum Web Marketing. In a city like Las Vegas where there may be hundreds of businesses in your niche, you have to know what you're up against. If you have seen your competition do well with certain keywords, you may create a spin on them to use for your own site. When you start encroaching on your competition's territory, you can eventually use the same keywords and hopefully take over the market.

Think outside the Box

Think about keywords that no one else is using right now. As long as some people – any people- are searching for those words, you are going to get new traffic. Long tail keywords, which are usually long phrases, typically have low competition, and thus they are easier to rank well in. If you have enough of these on your site, you can start to build consistent traffic from a ton of different angles.
Give us a call to discuss your options, and we'll find the perfect Las Vegas keywords for your business.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Make Your Small Business in Las Vegas Stand Out with Local SEO

Small business owners are often hesitant to invest in search engine optimization and internet marketing because they operate in tight-knit local communities. This hesitance comes from a false assumption that the internet is only meant for big businesses with nationwide audiences. Whether you run a major retail chain or a tiny bakery in a Las Vegas suburb, you can benefit greatly from digital marketing. Let's take a look at how local SEO in Las Vegas can help your small business stand out in the crowd.

Local SEO Puts Your Website on the Front Page of Mobile Searches

The phone book is dead. 

Take a second to soak that idea in. When your customers go to look for products, services, restaurants, and businesses in their area, they don't pull out the Yellow Pages and sift through the back end. They run a quick Google search for "plumber Las Vegas" and call the first number that pops up on their phones. Studies show that 80% of consumers use their phones to shop, and a whopping 70% of mobile searches result in some form of action within 1 hour. Think about all of the business you could be getting from mobile traffic alone!

With the help of keyword optimization from a professional Las Vegas SEO company, you could generate huge levels of traffic just by boosting your search engine ranking. Get your name on the top of Google, and your small business will expand right before your eyes.

You Can't Survive through Referrals Alone

In the modern world, word-of-mouth advertising just isn't enough. If your business has been around for decades, you may assume that your old marketing strategies and commitment to customer service will be enough to keep you afloat. It won't. The sooner you realize that, the sooner you can take the steps necessary to propel your business to the next level. 

Local SEO will improve your chances of standing out against hefty competition in Las Vegas. By investing a small amount of money on your website, social media marketing, pay per click advertising, or something else along those lines, you can connect with locals and tourists in the Las Vegas area who are actively looking for your business. Generate new traffic for your company without sacrificing the loyal customers that have kept your business running strong. That's the power of well-placed search engine optimization.

Set Yourself up for Long-Term Success

The internet is the key to your long-term success. It doesn't matter what you do, how long you've done it, or how long you plan to do it in years to come. By making a mark for your company online, you will generate the traffic you need to keep going well into the future. The good news is that working with a Las Vegas SEO company is much more affordable than phone book advertising, billboard campaigns, commercials, newspaper ads, and other less-effective marketing solutions. Long story short, you get more bang for your buck advertising online

Stop relying on outdated marketing to generate the high-volume sales you deserve. Contact Platinum Web Marketing at (702) 263-6787 for a free consultation with a trusted SEO expert in Las Vegas.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Using SEO to Attract Tourists before They Hit Las Vegas

Almost 40 million tourists come to Las Vegas annually, on top of the 600,000+ locals that call this city home. With all of these people running around, it would seem almost impossible for a business not to thrive in the Entertainment Capital of the World. Nevertheless, hundreds of small businesses and big businesses alike close down every year because they just aren't able to keep up with the competition.

Want to know how those successful companies manage to stick around while their competitors drop like flies? Because they know how to draw in traffic through effective marketing strategies. In this article, we will look at how you can use search engine optimization in Las Vegas to reach out to tourists before they hit the Strip.

How SEO Can Help Your Las Vegas Business

There are tons of benefits to SEO in Las Vegas, more than we could possibly fit on the page. In short though, search engine optimization allows you to connect with people actively searching for your business online. By placing targeted keywords naturally throughout your web content, you can rise to the top of local searches and get tons of high-conversion traffic for your business. Thousands of people are searching for your products and services right now as they plan their vacations to Las Vegas. Market yourself correctly, and you'll have no trouble reeling them in.

Establish a Sense of Trust with New Clients

SEO and internet marketing as a whole give you a chance to build a high-quality reputation online. As tourists begin to research more about your business, they will form an opinion of whether or not they can trust you with their money. Solid online reviews will certainly help this, but having a great looking website with awesome content will provide the professional persona your clients are searching for. This is the first impression you get to make on out-of-state clients. It might as well be a good one.

Target Search Terms Tourists Are Actively Using Right Now

The best part about SEO is how dynamic it is. By changing your keyword strategies, you can connect with people who are looking for your business right here, right now. This is especially beneficial for bringing in new customers who are already in the Las Vegas area. By targeting the keywords they are using to find businesses like yours, you can improve your visibility online and ultimately bring in new, high-converting traffic for your establishment. 

Don't settle for less traffic than what you deserve. Make the most of Las Vegas SEO to keep your business running for years to come.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Is Your Website Too Flashy for Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is known for its bright lights and over-the-top performances, but that doesn't mean your website has to be flashy and extravagant. In many cases, simple and subtle web design in Las Vegas is far more effective at generating traffic, attracting customers, and building a strong reputation online. Before you invest thousands of dollars in an outrageous website design that does more harm than good, read on to learn the right way to present your business on the web.

Flashy Websites Don't Load Quickly

A flashy web design may look great on a high-performance computer, but the fact is that most people don't have the internet access or processing speeds strong enough to load a site like that quickly. Slow load times will be detrimental to your internet marketing in Las Vegas, to the point that they will literally drive customers away. Consider these loadtime statistics:

  •  51% of Americans Would Abandon a Purchase on a Slow-Loading Website
  • 87% of Consumers Abandon a Website after a 2 Second Delay on the First Page (Yes, 2 Seconds!)
  • 80% of Consumers Abandon a Website after a 2 Second Delay on the Third Page of a Transaction
  • Consumers Are Least Likely to Abandon a Website with a 5 Second Load Time or Less

The faster your website pulls up, the more likely you are to keep viewers around. That will ultimately lead to higher profits for your business because you have more visitors to convert into customers. Don't automatically assume that people want flash and bling because they're coming to Las Vegas. Your customers will choose function over form every single time.

Flashy Websites Look Cheesy

Chances are you've come across a website with blaring ads on the side that say "BUY ME!" or "CONGRATS! YOU'RE THE 1,000,000TH CUSTOMER! CLAIM YOUR PRIZE!!!" Did you stay there long? Probably not. People associate flash with SPAM. They see it as a desperate attempt to generate business, which will make customers question how great your business is to begin with. Avoid cheesy, over-compensating website designs that do nothing for your Las Vegas internet marketing. There are far more effective ways to make your site stand out from the rest.

Flashy Websites Cost WAY Too Much

As a business owner, you always have to look at the bottom line. Will investing money in a crazy web design yield equally crazy sales? Nope, not at all. In fact, it may turn away enough customers that your sales DROP, rather than increase. Protect your reputation and maximize your return on investment with a classy, simple, and user friendly website design in Las Vegas.

How to Balance Flash with Function

If you work with a good web design company in Las Vegas, you should be able to get a great looking website without overdoing it. At Platinum Web Marketing, we have spent years learning exactly what a website needs to please users, search engines, and business owners alike. We'll work with you to create an optimal balance between eye-catching design and straight-forward navigation so your leads turn into repeat customers. Give us a call at (702) 263-6787 to talk to a web designer in Las Vegas.