Monday, August 22, 2016

Reasons You Need Monthly High-Quality Backlinks

Backlinks have historically been a major factor in a website’s ranking on search engines. When used effectively, they can help you get a much-needed advantage in Las Vegas’s saturated market. You need high-quality links, and you need them monthly. A highly experienced SEO company in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV. can help you build backlinks on a monthly basis through a variety of proven techniques.

What Is a Quality Backlink?

A backlink is any link placed on a site that links to another site. For you, this means other sites linking back to your site, whether through a guest post, a reference in an article, or an acknowledgment on their site. These links pass on what’s known in the industry as “link juice”—power passed from one site to another through a link. This power may take the form of credibility, viewer interest, or any other benefit the link provides to your site.

Naturally, links that pass on the most link juice will be those placed in quality content on authoritative sites within the right context. Other links may still be useful, but they won’t be nearly as effective. Using high-quality backlinks in Las Vegas company sites on a monthly basis will, thus, go much further than spamming links on irrelevant sites.

Why Are They Important?

Backlinks help improve your ranking on search engines by making your site look more authoritative. If other places are linking to your content, it goes a long way toward conveying the idea that you are an authority in your field. This is vital for search engine optimization in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV. , since the market is highly competitive. If you can express how much more you know than your competitors, so much the better.

Of course, in order to have this effect, your backlinks need to be on high-quality, relevant sites. For example, if you provide credit repair services, you will want to have links on authoritative sites relevant to credit repair. If it’s not authoritative (such as an accounting student’s blog) or if it’s not really relevant to your industry (links on a pet store’s website won’t get you far), then it won’t result in much link juice.

When it comes to backlinks, quality is far more important than quantity. You can get links through an online directory, for example, but that won’t really do much for your site. It does little to nothing to establish your authority or to build customer interest, and it may not give you much online visibility in the first place. On the other hand, a single link in an article posted on an authoritative site will have a lot of weight, since they are often relying on you to establish their own credibility.

So How Do I get Them?

The first thing to note is not every internet marketing company will provide you with monthly backlinks. Sure, an SEO company might boast that they can get you noticed for $299 per month, but the truth is that effective backlinks rely on effective networking with authoritative, relevant sites. As with any SEO strategy, backlinks come most reliably from a multi-faceted approach. This might include such practices as:

·         Using effective content: Infographics and high-quality blog posts are great ways to get other sites to link back to your page. If an article or infographic you have published provides practical information and expresses authority, it will have an easier time finding its way to other sites as they refer to it in their own content.
·         Building internal links: Linking within your site makes it more easily navigable, improving user experience and increasing its overall level of quality in the eyes of search engines. While it won’t necessarily spread your brand around as much as external links, it will help improve your site’s overall SEO quality.
·         Reporting broken links: Doing a search for broken links in relevant areas is an effective way to go about link building. Simply contacting a site to let them know they have broken 404 links on their site and suggesting possible alternatives (such as your own) will go a long way.
·         Minding context: Links work best when used within the context of a relevant piece of content rather than in a reference link below an article or in an article that has nothing to do with your brand.
·         Networking: How many companies do you personally know who will publish links to your site? How many will take guest posts? Effective networking can drastically increase the odds that you’ll get backlinks to your site quickly.

A Las Vegas SEO company with a solid network of clients and expertise in all areas of internet marketing will be able to perform effective link building for your site. Contact us at Platinum Web Marketing to get the jump on your competition through high-quality backlinks today!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Are High-Maintenance Clients Worth It?

You’ve probably had that one client before: the one who constantly demands more from you and always seems disappointed by your efforts. They likely place blame on you, accusing you of not doing enough or failing to meet their absurd expectations. You can never seem to please them, and that wears away at your morale while draining resources.

Some may view every client as an opportunity, but the truth is, some clients need to be let go.

Bottomless Pit or Just Thorough?

In some cases, a client just wants to be thoroughly certain they are getting what they want. They will ask questions, deliberate over decisions, and give useful feedback. These clients can be difficult to please, but when a project or sale is completed successfully, they tend to be the ones who award the highest praise. If you can please them, the results are highly beneficial.

However, some clients simply cannot be pleased. They tend to focus on everything you didn’t do right and completely neglect any successes you may have had. It doesn’t matter how much you put into your work for them—they continue to point out whatever they think is lacking. This is not a good business relationship. A client like this will act as a bottomless pit for your time and money if you keep working with them.

Opportunity Costs

itself requires high-quality strategies and consistent effort. You can’t afford to waste time on clients who are only going to drain your time and money since those resources could be spent working with someone less demanding.

If nothing you do seems to please a client, then you are probably going to be better off letting them go. That way, you free up time to find more reasonable clients, for example, by boosting your online presence through a Henderson, NV marketing company.

Impact on Morale

While the constant use of resources on an overly demanding client is detrimental to your company, so too is the emotional strain they put on you and your staff. A rude or demanding client who never accepts the work done for them will erode morale as your constant effort seems to yield nothing. This naturally has a negative impact on productivity and, by extension, your revenue.

Such clients aren’t simply upset about unmet expectations; they can be toxic to your personnel and to you. It’s far better to work with people who are willing to see what you accomplished rather than focus on what you didn’t accomplish. This way, you maintain your morale and energy levels, allowing you to better serve your client and enjoy more satisfaction in your work.

Finding Quality Clients

When it comes to clients, quality matters. While letting go of a high-maintenance client may seem like a missed opportunity, keeping them around is almost never worth the cost. You’re better off putting your resources into marketing efforts to find low-maintenance clients who appreciate your skill and effort. This requires marketing, and a Las Vegas SEO company  can help you with that. To find the quality clients you need to thrive, contact Platinum Web Marketing today.

Monday, May 23, 2016

WordPress Website Maintenance: To Auto-Update Plugins or Not?

Your WordPress site is almost organic in nature, constantly growing and developing through version updates, hot fixes, and plugins. The plugins you use for your particular site are what make it unique, as they facilitate functionality, development, user experience, and maintenance. Since there are thousands of plugins available, both through WordPress and third-party sites, they may sometimes interact in unexpected ways, especially during updates.

Modifications to plugins may cause compatibility issues and potentially crash the site if handled poorly. Website maintenance for Las Vegas companies needs to be ironclad. There is little room for error in the city’s competitive market, so you want to be sure your site is up to date and fully functional.

Auto Updating Option

Keeping your plugins up to date is key to maintaining functionality, eliminating bugs, and preventing security breaches. One out-of-date plugin may pose a risk to your site’s integrity, not to mention the security of user or client data. Keeping everything up to date is key to the security of WordPress websites. Las Vegas, with its intensely competitive market, makes any error in this respect potentially disastrous to your business.

However, keeping everything up to date is a difficult task, especially if you use a large number of plugins. You may be tempted to allow WordPress to automatically update plugins, but this can lead to a variety of problems.

Functionality Issues

Each plugin uses its own code that (hopefully) allows it to perform a certain function in your WordPress website. If you have been using your site without any issues so far, then the plugins you’re using are all likely compatible with each other. An update to any of those, however, can lead to a compatibility issue.

One change to a plugin may cause it to interfere with the functionality of another plugin or the site as a whole, depending on the version of WordPress you’re currently using, how other plugins affect its functionality, and so forth. Therefore, you need to make sure an update won’t mess with your site’s functionality prior to installing it. With automatic updates, you don’t get an opportunity to do this. The update is installed, and any compatibility problems it brings thereafter manifest.


If it’s severe enough, a compatibility issue brought on by an automatic update can crash the site. Obviously, this is never good for your business, as people visit your site only to find it down. Then comes the cost of getting your site back online, which may involve some time-consuming digging around to find out exactly what went wrong.

Review Compatibility

To prevent these issues, you need to be able to review the compatibility of your plugins prior to installing an update. With auto update, there is no opportunity to do this, which means you may be risking a crash that you have no way of preventing. By switching updates to manual, you allow yourself a chance to decide whether an update will lead to a crash.

When reviewing an update’s compatibility, there are a few factors that need to be taken into account:

·         Coding quality: You need to ask yourself, “Will this update violate coding standards?” It may not necessarily pose a security risk, but it can still make unwanted changes to the core, potentially ruining the site.
·         Bugs: Some updates may be inherently flawed. Prior to installation, they need to be tested for bugs, possibly by using a mirror site.
·         Coding: A plugin update may wreak havoc with your site’s code, creating a giant mess that takes time and money to unravel.
·         Theme: Suppose you have been running a theme for a while that depends on a certain function of one of your plugins. An update may remove that function and thus render your theme unusable, causing a crash.

The automatic updates used by WordPress don’t take things like this into account, so it’s best to handle plugin updates manually—preferably through a professional who is familiar with the intricacies of website maintenance.

How Do I Keep On Top of It All?

Updates are important, especially when they deal with security issues. However, updating plugins can either involve constant, highly complex manual installations or a high risk of website functionality issues. All you want is to make sure your site holds up, both functionally and in Las Vegas’s saturated market. What do you do?

Fortunately, website fixes in Las Vegas can be handled through an experienced online marketing company. To handle updates as safely as possible, you need someone to monitor your site and constantly check for updates. When those updates become available, experts can review them and make sure they won’t result in any compatibility issues. Once everything is checked for compatibility, the updates can be installed manually.

High-quality, vigilant website maintenance is very important for your business. When you need a website design company in Las Vegas to handle your WordPress updates, contact Platinum Web Marketing.